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list of the trees and shrubs species that is produced in the Alborz net with prices and specifications

All species are filled with pocket and root

For more information or purchase order request to this number: +989123633753.

Specials sales of trees and shrubs for green spaces and forests:

Alborz started selling products include green space and forest trees and shrubs:

This group which has 180 nurseries in the country is the largest and most specialized manufacturing company that has more than 8 million pot plants and 62 species Is working. Among the varieties produced are: Amygdalus orientalis, Cercis siliquastrum, Acer velutinum, Acer negundo, Acer  cappadosicum, Acer campestre, Robinia pseudo-acacia, Parotia persica, Prunus microcarpa, Amygdalus scoparia, Ziziphus nummularia, Sorbus torminalis, Evonymus latifolia, Cratagus spp, Juniperus polycarpus, Cedrus deodera, Cupressus sempervirens var horizontalis, Fraxinus exelsior, Berberis integerima, Elaegnus angustifolia, Rosa canina, Melia azadrachta, Ginko biloba, Liquidambar stracifolia, Pinus pinea, Thuja orientalis, Cupressus arizonica, Cupressus sempervirens var fastigiata, Albizzia julibrissin, Ailanthus altisissima, Pinus longifolia, Chamancyparis lowsonica, Thuja plicata, Catalpa bignonioides, Pinus brutia, Tamarix aphylla, Tamarix stricta, Acer persicam, Pinus eldarica, Pinus nigra, Cerasus avium, Prunus mahaleb, Pyrus commonis, Gleditsia caspica, Quercus infectoria, Quercus libani, Quercus persica, Quercus ilex, Pterocarya fraxinifolia, Palownia fortunei, Machhlora pomifera, Alnus glutinosa, Pistacia khinjuk, Pistacia mutica, Taxodium disticam, Celtis caucasica

For ordering and information other details put the message to the number +989123633753

RowSpecies nameAge speciesSuch height (cm)Price (USD, cent)
1Amygdalus orientalisone year504.000
2Cercis siliquastrumone year501.900
3 Cercis siliquastrumone year1002.500
4Acer velutinumone year50-1001.900
5Acer velutinumBiennial100-1502.300
6Acer negundoBiennial2003.900
7Acer cappadosicumone year1002.000
8Acer campestreone year305.000
9Acer ibericumone year305.000
10Robinia pseudo-acaciaThree bucket15030,000
11Parotia persicaBiennial1003.500
12Prunus microcarpaone year1004.000
13Amygdalus scopariaone year502.000
14 Amygdalus scopariaBiennial802.500
15Sorbus torminalisone year504.000
16Evonymus latifoliaone year504.500
17Quercus castaneifoliaone year501.500
18Quercus castaneifoliaBiennial1003.500
19Quercus persicaone year502.000
20Quercus persicaBiennial1003.500
21Quercus ilexTwo years Mops12029,000
22Pterocarya fraxinifoliaone year1002.500
23 Paulownia fotuneiAnnual bucket10012,000
24Paulownia fotuneiTwo years Mops20025.000
25Machhlora pomiferaone year706.000
26Alnus glutinosaone year702.000
27Pistacia muticaone year503.000
28Taxodium disticamone year606.000
29Celtis caucasicaone year802.500
30Celtis caucasicaBiennial1103.500
31Crataegus spp.one year305.000
32Juniperus polycarpusTwo years Mops5020,000
33Cedrus deoderaone year308.000
34Fraxinus exelsiorone year1002.500
35Fraxinus exelsiorBiennial1303.500
36Cupressus sempervirens var horizontalisone year601.900
37Cupressus sempervirens var horizontalisBiennial1002.500
38Berberis integerimaone year802.000
39Elaegnus angustifoliaone year604.000
40Rosa caninaone year402.000
41Melia azedrachtaone year501.500
42Melia azedrachtaBiennial1202.000
43 Ginkgo bilobaone year507.000
44Ginkgo bilobaTwo-year-old stands9015.000
45Liquidambar styracifluaone year407.000
46Liquidambar styracifluaBiennial8020,000
47Thuja orientalisone year502.000
48Thuja orientalisBiennial803.000
49Thuja orietalisone year802.500
50Cupressus arizonicaone year502.000
51Cupressus arizonicaBiennial703.500
52Cupressus semperrirens var fastigiataone year502.500
53Cupressus semperrirens var fastigiataBiennial1007.000
54Albizia julibrissinone year603.000
55Ailanthus altisissimaone year603.000
56Ailanthus altisissimaBiennial1505.000
57Pinus longifoliaTwo years Mops10015.000
58Chamancyparis lowsinicaTwo years Mops10037.000
59Catalpa bignonioidesone year803.500
60Catalpa bignonioidesBiennial1505.000
61Pinus brutiaone year503.000
62Pinus brutiaBiennial504.000
63Tamarix aphyllaBiennial1203.000
64Acer persicumBiennial504.000
65Pinus eldaricaone year503.000
66Oak KrmazvBiennial1005.000
67Pinus eldaricaBiennial1006.000
68Pinus nigraone year406.000
69Pinus nigraTwo years Mops6014.000
70Cerassus aviumone year405.000
71Liroidendron tulipiferaone year305.000
72Tamarix strictaBiennial1504.000
73Pyrus communisone year504.000
74Pyrus communisBiennial1006.000
75Gleditsia caspicaone year502.500
76Quercus infectoriaone year502.500
77Quercus infectoriaBiennial803.500
78Quercus libanione year502.500
79Quercus libaniBiennial803.000


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